Michael C-We are quite pleased that we found Lizzie. She is very organized and knowledgeable while maintaining pleasant demeanor and was respectful of our opinions and wishes. She stayed up all night with us at the hospital and was really a lot of help when we were both so tired that our eyes would not stay open. Lizzie did everything that she promised and more. 


Brittany M- Lizzie was a amazing Doula. Anything I needed she was there. She truly takes the  definition of Doula (servant) to heart. She supported me in every decision I made no matter what it was. I truly wish I had her when I gave birth to my other four children. Anyone else that uses her services will be truly blessed to have her alongside with them. 


Danielle F- Thank you so much for the tireless work you put in to care for me and my family during the 18-hour journey.
Lizzie was an amazing help and an asset to my birth experience. She was at once gentle, yet strong, a great communicator, a wonderful comforter and an excellent encourager. There were moments when all I could do was follow directions and Lizzie had amazing directions that both progressed my labor and relieved the pain I was in.
Then Lizzie came to visit me as a postpartum doula and I was even more refreshed. She is helpful, and knowledgeable, and with her sweet grace and positive attitude, made my recovery an enjoyable and easier time.