Labor support 

Labor support is a beautiful part of being a doula. I will give loving support to have the most beautiful birth possible.

Labor support includes:

  •       1-3 (or more) prenatal visits
  •       24 hour on call support and phone consultations
  •       Loving support throughout the labor
  •       Position changing
  •       Breastfeeding support
  •       Follow up postpartum visit 

Antepartum Doula Support

Antepartum support provides help and support to a mother who has been put on bed rest or is experiencing a high risk-pregnancy.

Antepartum support includes:

  •  Emotional support 
  • Physical support in helping with the care for your family
  • Helping in the care of the mother

Postpartum Doula Support

Postpartum is the time after you have brought your baby home.  This is a new and exciting time for your family and I will be here to help and provide information for you to have confidence and strength.   

Postpartum support includes:

  •       Education on infant care
  •       Foster family bonding
  •       Breastfeeding support (referral to a lactation consultant if needed)
  •       Preparing nutritious food
  •       Offer a listening, non-judgmental ear
  •       Phone contact as needed

Overnight Postpartum Doula Support

Overnight support is when I help your family during the night with feeding, getting more sleep and emotional support.

Overnight postpartum support includes:

  • Night feeding
  • Trusted over night care for your baby
  • Allowing sleep for the family