A Rainy Day Birth

I've had a client that has been in on the verge of labor for the last few days.  So I wasn't surprised when I was awoken with a call at 2:00am.  I was surprised when it wasn't who I thought it was.  "Hi Lizzie, I just want to let you know that I'm having contractions about every 6-7 minuets apart"  It was a client that wasn't due for a few more days.  She sounds excited and a little surprised herself. 

"Oh hi!" I said trying to sound like I wasn't asleep seconds before.  "That's awesome! Try to get some rest before labor comes on in full force, take a bath, lay down.  I'm so excited for you!"  I know that she'll probably not sleep.  Do you blame her?  I try to get some more sleep before she calls back.  

About an hour and a half later I get a call from her husband "Hi Lizzie."  He sounds like he's about to freak out but his wife has told him that it will be alright. "I wanted you to know that we are CALMLY going to the hospital in an ORGANIZED manner." 

"Wonderful!" I say, "I'll be right there."

As I'm heading to the car it starts to rain.  I think that there should be a cute saying like April showers brings May flowers  but this one needs to be for babies.  A good storm will bring a baby like nothing else.  

When I get to the hospital I meet them in their room, she was handling her labor like a champ.  Everything was developing beautifully.  As we watch the sun rise through the clouds her contractions become closer and harder.   So I start the bath with some lavender oils so that it can help mask the "hospital smell".  I turn to her husband after about 10 minuets of her being in the bath "I'm going to grab some cups to help pour the warm bath water on her so she won't get cold."  By the time that I got back she was in a squatting position in the tub. "Her last contraction was really intense, she had to move around"  He says with wide eyes.

She turns to me and says "Lizzie, I don't know if I can do this"  

"Yes, you can" I say with sincerity.

"I don't know, the contractions are one on top of each other."

She's almost done! Here is transition.  I know that if she can stay in the tub for as long as possible then she's home free.  

"How about you try one more contraction. Remember this is just for a season.  You can do this."  

After a couple of contractions she turns to me.  "What if I'm only at a six? What If I'm only 6cm? I don't think I can do this for much longer.  Please go get the nurses to check me!"

I know that she is almost done.  I also know that as soon as we get the nurse she won't be able to get back into the tub.  But as soon as the nurse tells her that she is complete, she'll find that last bit of energy, that last bit of determination.  

They break her water but because baby is so far down not much fluid comes.  The baby's head acting like a cork.  

As she starts to push the baby starts to come faster then the doctors and nurses expected.  They don't have the delivery table set up or have the whole delivery team.  The nurse who is helping the doctor get ready to catch the baby turns to me and says, 

"See that blue button underneath that yellow button?"

"This one?"

"Yes." She says quickly.

It has CODE on it.  Meaning if you push it, it will sound the "CODE BLUE" alert.  I didn't think that anything was wrong.  But if I'm told to push a code blue and I start to argue, then I would be wasting precious seconds.  

When I hit it a army of nurses come running in as mama is pushing.  She's loud,  but that's to be expected as she is completely unmediated.  

"What's wrong?!" A nurse asks the Doctor.

"Nothing, shes just having her baby.  I need the team. But that's it." She says a little bewildered that code blue was hit.  

I turn to the nurse with a look that must have looked like a deer in the headlights.  "I did what you told me to do!  I'm so sorry!"

"Oh sweetheart, don't worry.  That was my fault.  I meant the yellow one, I just accidentally said blue."

I didn't have time to worry that I may be thrown out of my favorite hospital in Houston.  Mom was crowning.  This is my favorite part on the birth. I love seeing the mom's strength, the father's awe, the baby inflate as she meets air for the first time.  I was watching with such amazement, I was still a little distracted with the whole 'code blue' incident that I forgot that all of the amniotic fluid was still behind the baby. I had just enough time to turn my head before I was splashed as the body was born.

The dad didn't want to cut the cord, so the doctor turns to me and asked if I wanted to cut the cord as she cuts the cord it all the time. So I added a new title to my resume, "Professional cord cutter".

After the sweet baby is born and mom and dad ooh and awe, I stepped out for a minute to clean up.

So starts my August births, with me fearing that I would be thrown out of the hospital, splashed with amniotic fluid, and knowing that I have the best job ever.