I Finished My Certification

Guys! I'm a certified doula now!    


  It has been an amazing journey, but I'm so happy that I'm officially certified and am done.  It was hard to finish everything up.  At one point I had every paper I would need to finish the certification everywhere at my desk and yet I knew that I had two more essays to write.  I just wanted to cry, there was so much to do.   And I wanted to do everything right, I didn't want to mess up.  

  So the late Monday night I send everything off to my mentor Gina and scheduled the last call with her.   I was nerves about that too! What if I couldn't recollect what I needed to know about the books that I had read over the last 10 months, what if I didn't get all the papers I needed from the births that I worked! I called Gina at the time that we had scheduled and had all of the notes that I had on all of the books that I had read strewn about my room.  Praying that I had sent all of the papers that I needed.  

  And  then I just talked with her like I had the past 10 months.  I told her how much I had loved learning all that I had discovered, how much I was glad that was done, and then sat and had a sweet time discussing the books that I had read.  

  I'm so glad that I'm done and that once you are a certified DTI doula you are a doula for life, I dont have to go though tranning again.  But I have had an amazing experience.

  Thank you Gina and DTI for what you guys have done.  Keep up the good work!  


  Lizzie Frye CD (DTI)