"If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it." -  John H. Kennell, MD

Lizzie Frye CD, is a certified birth and postpartum doula. She was raised in Houston Texas.  From a young age she was surrounded by pregnant mothers and their stories.   Lizzie was inspired to become a doula after she attended a birth for a friend she found the experience of watching her friend transition into motherhood to be incredibly transformative. Lizzie knows that each family has different expectations of their birth process and different needs from their doula. Her ability to make a personal connection with families creates a trusting relationship that combined with her calm presence sets mothers at ease. She is excited to be able to support women in giving birth the way they choose and to witness women in all of their strength, determination, and growth.

 Lizzie believes that God created women to give birth and that it is a beautiful process.  Women labor most effectively when they feel safe and relaxed. Therefore, she spends the prenatal period helping women prepare for and feel optimistic about their upcoming birth. She talks to clients about their options and preferences regarding labor, birth and breastfeeding, in order to guide families towards meaningful and empowering birth experiences. An informed birth is a good birth. Lizzie draws upon various pain management techniques to help women labor more comfortably, she is certified though DTI and Madriella as well as training with Gena Kirby in the art of rebozo. 


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